I have made some of my favorite pieces through the process of commissioned work. Anyone interested in entrusting me to make a piece of art (or purchasing existing work) may contact me here. Thank you!

Art has the ability to move us outside of our comfort zones, excite us, calm us, and allow us to retreat into our favorite versions of ourselves. It also sometimes just looks good with your couch. Whatever moves you to consider bringing a piece of my art into your home or business, know that I am honored you feel a connection with my work, and maintain a humble respect for the process that brings us together.

1) While I accept themes (cityscapes, abstract, etc.) and agree upon a perspective/orientation with the client, my process and outcome are intuitive, and I’m led while I work.

2) Your input on colors is welcome, but no colors are off-limits.

3) Each project has a three month timeline.

4) Oil paintings and acrylic paintings are the same price. Oil paintings take longer to dry and cannot be delivered in less than three months’ time. Acrylics have some advantages and can be a good option for customers outside of the Pacific Northwest, as I can use a roll-up canvas that saves the customer significantly on shipping.

5) Each project begins with a 25% non-refundable deposit.

6) I do not repaint anything I’ve made in the past.

7) All rights to the images of my art are retained by me, and I reserve the exclusive right to make prints* of all my work.

8) If for any reason I am unable to complete the project, I will refund your deposit in full.

* I don’t typically make prints, and will consider exclusivity of certain projects.